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Do You Need Full-coverage Car Insurance in Gilbert, AZ?

Whether you need full coverage car insurance in Gilbert, AZ, depends on your circumstances and risk tolerance. Full-coverage car insurance typically includes both liability coverage and comprehensive and collision coverage. 

With the help of Dinsdale Car Insurance Agency, which works with more than 30 insurers, let's explore when full coverage might be necessary and when it might be optional:


When Full Coverage is Necessary:

  • If You Have a Car Loan or Lease: If you are financing your car or leasing it, the lender or leasing company may require you to have full coverage. This protects their financial interest in the vehicle until it is fully paid off.
  • New or Expensive Vehicles: Full coverage is recommended for new or expensive vehicles since it protects against theft, vandalism, and accident damage.
  • High-Risk Drivers: If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, full coverage can offer more financial protection in case of future incidents.


When Full Coverage is Optional:

  • Older Vehicles with Low Value: If your car is older and significantly depreciates, you might consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage. In some cases, the cost of these coverages may exceed the potential payout in the event of a claim.
  • Financial Flexibility: If you have enough savings or financial resources to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle in the event of an accident, you might opt for liability coverage only.
  • Low-Risk Drivers: If you have an excellent driving record and live in an area with low accident rates, you may feel comfortable with minimal coverage.


Remember that liability insurance is mandatory in most states, including Arizona, even if full coverage is not required. Liability coverage helps protect you financially if you are found at fault in an accident and are liable for the other party's injuries or property damage.


How To Find The Best Auto Insurance Coverage in Gilbert, AZ

Ultimately, the decision to have full coverage car insurance in Gilbert, AZ, should be based on carefully assessing your needs, budget, and risk profile. Discussing your options with an experienced insurance agent who can guide you in making the best choice for your specific situation is advisable.

If you have questions or need guidance on car insurance options, please get in touch with Dinsdale Insurance Agency today. We're here to assist you in securing the best coverage at the most competitive rates from more than 30 leading insurance companies.

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